Problem: Issues with the default registered connection type when ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server is installed after creating a hosting environment with Portal for ArcGIS.


This article is intended to explain why BUG-000094799 is not a bug, but a known limit.

BUG-000094799: The default registered ArcGIS for Server connection is type 'Portal' instead of 'Server' when GeoEvent Extension is installed after creating a hosting server environment with Portal for ArcGIS.


When ArcGIS for Server is federated with Portal for ArcGIS, the GeoEvent Extension default is to to register its Default Data Store as a Portal connection rather than a Server connection.

After federating ArcGIS Server with Portal, it is necessary to take a config backup and reset the GeoEvent config from Manager. Resetting the GeoEvent configuration manifests this preference and the default data store connection in GeoEvent becomes type 'Portal'. This behavior is as designed.

Solution or Workaround

This default datastore connection of type Portal may fail to validate under the following conditions:

  • There is an SSL certificate trust issue between Portal, ArcGIS Server and GeoEvent.

    Valid SSL certificates are necessary for successful communication between Portal and GeoEvent. If you are unable to validate this Portal type connection due to missing or non-trusted SSL certificates, the error logs display a 'PKIX' or 'handshake' error message.

    It is necessary to cross-install the certificates into both Portal and ArcGIS Server keystores. The entire certificate chain (root, intermediate and final) must be imported into the key stores for a full trust to occur.

    Follow step-by-step instructions in the following documentation:
  • The reset removes the web-tier credentials.

    Every time after GeoEvent config reset, the Portal registered connection must be edited to supply connection credentials before the GeoEvent data store validates. This is by design.

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