Problem: The Color Balance Mosaic Dataset tool is unable to perform color balancing on a mosaic dataset


Using the Color Balance Mosaic Dataset tool on a mosaic dataset returns the following error message:

Color correction encountered an unexpected case. Unable to do the color correction.


This problem may occur if the rasters in the mosaic datasets contain a varying number of bands. The tool is designed to function only if all raster datasets have the same number of bands. 

For more information on the required criteria to use the Color Balance Mosaic Dataset tool, refer to ArcGIS Help: Color Balance Mosaic Dataset.

Solution or Workaround

Ensure all rasters are of the same band. In the following example, the rasters are converted to three band rasters.

Convert single band to three bands

  • To convert single band rasters to three bands, do the following:
    1. Load the single band raster in ArcMap.
    2. In the Table Of Contents pane, right-click the raster > Data > Export Data.


    3. Ensure that the Use Renderer and Force RGB checkboxes are checked before saving and exporting the raster. The Force RGB option converts single-band (1) rasters to three-band (3) rasters.

    Export Raster Dialog box

    4. Once the changes are made, click Save to begin the Export process. The single band rasters are converted to three bands.
Calculate Statistics
  • To calculate statistics for all source rasters, use the Batch Calculate Statistics tool. For more information, refer to ArcGIS Help: Batch Calculate Statistics.
    The Batch Calculate Statistics tool is only available in ArcGIS for Desktop 10.3 onwards.

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