Error: Export operation failed. Name is Null

Error Message

When exporting an ArcGIS for Server site (.agssite) file using the Export Site operation in ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory, the following error is returned in the ArcGIS for Server logs:

"Export operation failed. Name is Null",


The following are possible causes for this error.

  • The ArcGIS for Server jobs folder contains a locked file from a previous job. This can occur when a job does not complete its execution process and becomes inactive, and prevents the job from exporting.
  • Orphaned job folder. One of the causes of orphaned jobs is if the related parent process, upon completing its task, is deleted manually without terminating the orphan process.
  • Running the ArcGIS for Server backup utility can return this error. This can be caused by a corrupt installation of ArcGIS for Server.

Solution or Workaround

The following are possible solutions for this error.

  • Remove the inactive or orphaned jobs and export the site again.
    1. Log into the machine hosting the ArcGIS for Server jobs and navigate to, C:\arcgisserver\config-store\system\jobs, and remove the inactive or orphaned job.
    2. Log into ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory and navigate to, Home > exportSite > include the Export Site parameters if required, and click Export.

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