How To: Fit feature labels within polygon boundaries


In some instances, when labeling polygon features, the text overruns the polygon boundaries.
Labels are not fit within polygon boundaries.
The instructions provided describe how to fit feature labels within polygon boundaries.


  1. From the Labeling toolbar, turn on the Maplex Label Engine.
Use Maplex Label Engine option.
  1. Click the Label Manager button. This opens the Label Manager window.
  2. Click the feature layer from the list of Label Classes.
List of layers in Label Classes
  1. Click Properties to open the Placement Properties window, and click the Fitting Strategy tab.
  2. Uncheck Overrun feature, and check the Reduce font size check box.
Placement Properties window.
  1. Click Strategy Order to open the Strategy Order window.
  2. Set the Reduce label in size as the highest priority by bringing the property to the top of the list. Click OK.
Strategy Order dialog box

The features labels are fit within the polygon boundaries.
Labels are fit within polygon boundaries.

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