Problem: Character Marker Symbol options are missing from the Symbol Property Editor


When attempting to access character marker symbols from the Symbol Property Editor, the dialog is blank.


This appears to be related to complications with the HydraVision component of the graphics card on the machine.

Solution or Workaround

These steps have been found to work with machines using ATI video cards and the Hydravision application.
  1. Click the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Search for 'Catalyst Control Center'.
The following steps are dependent upon the specific graphics card on the machine.  The goal is to disable the "enable dialog repositioning" option within the HydraVision settings.
  1. Click the 'Hydravision' option located underneath AMD FirePro.
Alternatively, search for 'HydraVision' within the search dialog of the graphics card interface.
  1. Click Desktop Manager.
  2. Uncheck Enable Dialog Repositioning and click Apply.
  3. Reopen ArcMap and apply the desired symbology.

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