Problem: The Topo to Raster tool returns errors 010235 and 010067


The Topo to Raster geoprocessing tool is used to interpolate hydrologically-correct digital elevation models (DEMs) from feature data. In some instances, running the tool results in ArcMap crashing and returning the following errors:

010235: Returned error from <value>.
010067: Error in executing grid expression.


There are several possible causes for this issue:

  A. A very small cell size is set for the output raster.

  B. An input feature class that is large in size is used.

  C. More than two feature classes are used as Input feature data.

Solution or Workaround

The options below address each of the causes mentioned above. Depending on the cause, use one of the options below to resolve the error.

Option A:
The Topo to Raster Tool has a limitation of generating an output of 5500 x 5500 cells. When a very small cell size is set for the output raster, this limitation can be reached. Increase the output cell size in the Topo to Raster window to avoid error.

Option B:
If the large size of an input feature class seems to be causing issues, split the data to create smaller processing extents and then run the Topo to Raster tool separately on each of the extents. The separate outputs can be assembled in a mosaic dataset to create a single data source.

Option C:
When using more than two feature classes as Input feature data, create a triangulated irregular network (TIN) or a terrain dataset using the feature classes, and convert the output to a raster dataset.

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