How To: Specify more output fields when performing batch geocoding on a geocode service


When performing the batch Geocode Addresses operation on a geocode service, the returned output fields differ from that of the Find Address Candidates operation. Specifically, Geocode Addresses shows less output fields. This is because batch_mode = false in ArcGIS Desktop's USAddress.lot.xml file for those various output fields. The steps provided describe how to change this so that all fields are part of the output.


  1. Open the USAddress.lot.xml file located at:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.3\Locators
  2. Starting at line 26857, the fields specified by "<output ref" show whether "batch_mode" is true or false. To allow for these fields to be displayed in the Geocode Addresses operation, change these to "batch_mode=true".
    • Find and replace "batch_mode=false" with "batch_mode=true" would work fine here.
  3. If the locator and geocode service are already published, it is necessary to recreate the locator from the ground up after completing the above step.

    After re-creating and publishing as a geocode service, note that all fields are part of the output when performing the Geocode Addresses operation.

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