Problem: Default address locator styles are missing from the Create Address Locator tool


Attempting to create a new address locator using the Create Address Locator tool results in unexpected behavior when selecting the address locator style. The list of default address locator styles in the Select Address Locator Style dialog box appears blank.


The possible cause for this issue is due to corrupted files in the Locator folder, which may be caused by the modifications made to the default pathway in the installation directory of ArcMap.

Solution or Workaround

Use the following steps to restore the address locator styles to the default installation directory:

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.x\Utilities
  2. Run AdvancedArcMapSettings.exe as the administrator.
  3. Select the System Paths tab.
  4. Click Reset All Values to Default at the bottom of the dialog box, and click Apply.
  5. Click Close. The default address locator styles are restored.
An alternative solution is to install the ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 4. The updates in the service pack may resolve this issue.

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