Bug: Unable to view a parcel fabric feature template


In some instances, users are unable to view a parcel fabric feature template during an edit session, even after the privileges to select, update, delete, and insert features are granted. The feature data cannot be referenced.


This is a known issue: BUG-000084316.

This issue occurs when the database queried is unable to acquire the privilege information required to display a feature template. Datasets that are not owned by the user or given permissions to are filtered out when establishing a connection with the SDE geodatabase, which filters out private feature classes, causing the datasets to appear hidden.


The parcel fabric dataset requires an empty feature class for ArcCatalog to acquire the necessary privilege information for the dataset and load the feature template.

Create a new feature class in the feature dataset, and register the feature class as versioned. For more information, refer to the following documentation, ArcMap Help: Modeling feature classes and ArcMap Help: Feature templates and the parcel fabric.

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