Problem: Requests to ArcGIS Server via a web adaptor installed on Oracle WebLogic takes 20 seconds or longer to complete


When accessing ArcGIS Server resources through a web adaptor that has been set up on an Oracle WebLogic web server, requests take 20 seconds or longer, and sometimes do not complete.
This is the same issue reported in NIM090798, however the issue occurs with newer versions of the web adaptor as well.


An issue within the WebLogic web server which causes cached requests to hang.

Solution or Workaround

Oracle's suggested fix for this problem is to change the SSL implementation used internally within WebLogic. In most cases this will fix the issue regardless of whether the requests are being made via HTTPS.

The following steps are not fully supported by Esri, as technically the change is being made to the Oracle WebLogic server.
  1. Go to the Admin Console for the WebLogic server
  2. Navigate to Home > Summary of Servers > [Server name] > Configuration, Server Start tab, where [Server name] is the name of the server where WebLogic is installed.
  3. Add the following to the Arguments section:
  4. Restart the WebLogic server.