Problem: Unable to find an address using the Locator widget in ArcGIS Viewer for Flex


The ArcGIS Viewer for Flex Application Builder provides a Locator widget (geocoding widget) that finds a location on the displayed map content in the map viewer by entering an address or longitude and latitude coordinate values.

In some cases, the Locator widget can find the first location; however, when searching for the next location, no result is returned unless the browser is refreshed.


This issue occurs if the Search Current Extent option is enabled. After searching for the first location, the extent of the map changes to a particular location. Therefore when searching for another location, the location cannot be found because the location is out of the current extent.

Solution or Workaround

Uncheck the Search Current Extent check box in the locator settings, and search for the location.

  1. Open the Application Builder, and click the Locator widget.
  2. Click Edit (the pencil icon) to configure the widget.
    [O-Image]User-added image
  3. Uncheck the Search Current Extent check box, and re-search for the location. The location is displayed in the map viewer.           


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