Problem: The World Geocoding Service returns incorrect addresses in ArcGIS Online


The World Geocoding Service returns incorrect addresses when attempting to geocode addresses in ArcGIS Online.


There are several causes for this issue, among these, but not limited to, are the following:

 • Missing address information such as a street suffix (lane, street, avenue)
 • The address is incorrectly formatted
 • The address does not exist in the dataset

Solution or Workaround

There are two solutions to this issue:

Create an address locator with the specific address reference information

  1. Create an address locator, following the steps in the ArcGIS Web Help topic: Creating an address locator
  2. Once an address locator is created, go to Catalog, right-click the new Address Locator created, and click Properties > Geocoding options. Change the parameter for Match with no zones and Match without house number from No to Yes.
  3. Right-click the table of addresses in Table Of Contents > Geocoded Addresses, add the new address locator and click Add > OK.

Use the Find tool to search for the desired location

Refer to the ArcGIS Web Help topic: Using the Find tool
If the locator service is on the web or in ArcGIS Online, an internet connection is required to use the Find tool.

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