How To: Capture a subset of a parcel fabric with all required components


It is a common requirement to extract a subset of a parcel fabric for testing or sharing. The procedure outlined here shows how to obtain all required elements of the subset in a convenient format.



  1. In ArcMap, start a Parcel Editing session and select the desired features of an applicable layer in the fabric to be exported. It is not necessary to select the features of every related layer in the fabric.

    [O-Image] Selected parcels
  2. In the Parcel Editor menu, click the command to Save As XML.

    [O-Image] Save As XML option
  3. The data type of the exported file is Cadastral XML File (*.xml). Specify an output name and location in the Save As dialog.

    [O-Image] Save as cadastral file
  4. To confirm the contents of the XML file, view it in an HTML viewer or text editor.

    [O-Image] View cadastral in HTML viewer
    All the related features (parcels, lines, points, control points, etc.) are included.

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