How To: Export ArcPad Studio files to either .dbf or shapefiles


In ArcPad 10 it is possible to open .axf files and shapefiles in ArcPad Studio and export them to the shapefile format. It is also possible to open related tables edited in ArcPad and export them to .dbf format.


ArcPad 9.x

Prior to the ArcPad 10 release, it was not possible to export shapefiles from data edited in ArcPad directly, however it was possible to export them to .dbf files by the following steps:
  1. Manually copy the data created in ArcPad to ArcMap.
  2. In ArcMap, navigate to Tools > Reports > Create Report.
  3. In the Report Properties dialog box, specify which fields to display in the report, how to display them, and click the Generate Report button. The report is displayed in a Report Viewer window.
  4. Click the Export menu and specify the .txt option.
  5. Import the .txt file into Excel and export it as a .dbf file.

ArcPad 10.x

Beginning in ArcPad 10, use the following steps to export data edited in ArcPad from .axf to either a shapefile or table format such as .dbf.
  1. Open the .axf or shapefile in ArcPad Studio 10.
  2. To export from .axf, right-click the relevant Feature Layer and click Export.
  3. This provides an option to export to a .dbf or shapefile. Go to the Data Tables section of the file tree, right-click the appropriate table and click Export.
  4. Specify the directory and name of the file for the table or shapefile being created, and click Save.

Last Published: 5/11/2017

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