How To: Establish a secure connection between ArcGIS Server and GeoEvent Processor


To consume secure ArcGIS Server web services as either GeoEvent inputs or outputs, a secure connection to the ArcGIS Server site must be established.

The following outlines the steps required for establishing a secure connection to a GIS-tier authenticated ArcGIS Server.


Sign in to ArcGIS GeoEvent Manager. For example:


  1. Navigate to Site > GeoEvent > Data Stores and click Register ArcGIS Server.
  2. Select the ArcGIS Server connection and check the option to use a token, which allows for token-based authentication for access to any secured services that exist within the ArcGIS Server site.
  3. Provide a name for the server connection as well as the URL to the site.
  4. Place the cursor within the Token parameter, a text box displays containing the steps for obtaining a token.
  5. Open the link and provide credentials for the ArcGIS Server site, as well as the URL that was listed for the HTTP referer parameter. Set the expiration of the token to a reasonable value.
  6. Select Generate Token and copy the generated token. Proceed back to the Data Stores dialog and paste the token within the parameter. Select Register.
  7. Confirm that the data store connection is valid.