How To: Check an Oracle geodatabase for duplicate GlobalID values


This article describes how check to see if there are duplicate GlobalID values in an Oracle geodatabase. This may have occurred as a result of the problem described in the Knowledge Base article Geodatabase replication synchronization can create duplicate GlobalID values in Oracle.


  1. Log into the Oracle geodatabase as the SDE user or owner of the geodatabase instance in SQL*Plus.
  2. Download and run the 'check_for_duplicate_globalids' script available here: Check_for_duplicate_globalids

    This script creates a file called c:\temp\dup_glbid_report.txt. Make sure that a c:\temp directory exists, or change directory path in the script.

  3. Once the script complete, check the results in the dup_glbid_report.txt report.

    This script goes through the datasets in each of the versions in the geodatabase. If duplicates are encountered, results similar to following are returned in the report:

    Table SDE.BUILDINGS contains 1 duplicate globalid values.
    {6CB18410-D7D5-4C29-B0EC-0F3C5C759442}, Count:77
    {096C0C25-6C8A-4F16-AFCD-3A64698E5747}, Count:15

    The report also includes the total duplicates found at the bottom (for example):


    If total duplicates found is 0, then no duplicates were encountered.

Last Published: 5/5/2016

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