How To: Purge GeoEvent Extension logs by size


The ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server is designed to store the most recent activity logs in the 'karaf.log' file and up to ten additional sets of previous logs in the karaf.log.(x) files. These logs are not purged by date, but are configured to record activity until a set file size has been met. The oldest logs are recycled as new logs are generated. Once reaching the set file size the log files are renamed into a sequential order with 'karaf.log.1' the most recent backup, through karaf.log.10. By default these files are set with a 1MB maximum size with 10 backup log files and a total size of 11MB (1MB for current log and 10MB of backups).

Based on the behavior being observed within the GeoEvent Extension, it may be necessary to increase either the size or the quantity of these logs to ensure all necessary information is retained. These settings can be configured through the steps described below.


Log file size and count can be adjusted by modifying the following values in the 'org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg' configuration file to get the desired purge effect based on size.

  1. Stop the ArcGIS GeoEvent Windows Service.

  2. Browse to the GeoEvent install location to access the following configuration file:


  3. Open the file in a text editor. Edit line #38 to modify the max log file size.


  4. Edit line #39 to modify the max no. of log files.


  5. Save the edits.

  6. Start the ArcGIS GeoEvent Windows Service
    Increasing these values to a very large magnitude might introduce some performance issues due to file buildup.

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