Problem: Changes are not made to updated versions of an add-in installed in ArcMap


When changes are made to an add-in, and the new version of the add-in is installed in ArcMap, the new version is displayed in the Add-In Manager. However, the changes might not get updated in the dynamic link libraries (DLLs) located in the AssemblyCache folder, and the previous version of the add-in might remain.


Add-ins automatically unpack the install folder's contents to a temporary folder called AssemblyCache. This issue occurs because the AssemblyCache folder does not recognize the updated version of the add-in, and the previous version of the add-in remains cached in the AssemblyCache folder, located at:

The AppData folder is hidden and the AssemblyCache folder is hidden and protected by default in Windows Explorer.

Solution or Workaround

Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

  1. Delete the older version of the add-in using the Add-In Manager.
    1. In ArcMap, go to Customize > Add-In Manager.
    2. Select the add-in.
    3. Click the Delete this Add-In button.
Image of the Add-In Manager dialog box
The add-in can also be deleted directly from the add-in folder, located at:
  1. Close the current ArcMap session, and start a new ArcMap session.
  2. Close the ArcMap session again. When this step completes, the previous version of the add-in is deleted from the AssemblyCache folder, and the updated add-in is reflected in ArcMap.

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