Problem: Unable to use Bing Maps Hybrid basemaps with the ArcGIS App


The Bing Maps Hybrid basemap is not accessible in the ArcGIS App, but is available in ArcGIS Online.


The ArcGIS App (also known as the ArcGIS App for smartphones and tablets and the 'Green app') does not support the reading and access of Bing Maps key information from an external source. The Bing Maps key fails because it is stored externally in the ArcGIS Online organization account instead of internally within the application.

Solution or Workaround

Use one of the options provided below to solve this issue:

Esri is retiring the ArcGIS App in early 2016 and the application will no longer be available for download from the Google, Apple, Windows, or Amazon application stores. However, previously installed versions of the application continue to function. For more information, refer to the following link: Moving Beyond the ArcGIS App for Smartphones and Tablets

The following are suggestions for substituting the functionality of the ArcGIS App:

Collector for ArcGIS – In-the-field GIS data collection

Explorer for ArcGIS – Modify and author maps in the organization

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS – Monitor, track and assess daily operations

Option 1
Collector for ArcGIS can be used to view the Bing Maps Hybrid basemap. The following blog article describes the steps needed to use basemap layers with Collector for ArcGIS: Using your own Basemap layers with Collector for ArcGIS.

Option 2
To continue working in the ArcGIS App, use the Esri World Imagery basemap instead of the Microsoft Bing basemap.

ArcGIS Online provides a variety of basemap options such as, World Street Map, World Topographic Map, Light Gray Canvas and the National Geographic World Map.

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