FAQ: Can PDF attachments be added to features in ArcGIS Online?


Can PDF attachments be added to features in ArcGIS Online?


No, it is not possible to add PDF attachments to features in ArcGIS Online. PDF attachments or images stored in 'My Content' in ArcGIS Online are only for storage; these links cannot be used as attachments for the features.

However, as an alternative, the 'Add Attachment' tool in ArcMap can be used to attach and publish PDF files as attachments to ArcGIS Online. For more information on the Add Attachment tool, refer to: ArcGIS for Desktop - Add Attachments.

Another alternative is to attach the URL of an external storage site to the feature. To do so:

1. Create a cloud storage folder (Dropbox, Google Drive, or equivalent) and upload the PDFs there.

This is where the shareable URL originates.

2. In ArcMap, create a new field in the attribute table of the desired feature to add the attachments.
Ensure the field is 'Text', and at least 200 characters long.

3. Start an edit session and copy the shareable URL for each PDF from Dropbox into the corresponding record's new attachment field.
4. When all the attachment URLs are added to the attribute table, save the file.
5. Publish the feature to ArcGIS Online by clicking, File > Share As > Service.
6. In ArcGIS Online, go to 'My Content' and add the feature layer to a map with editing enabled.
7. In the new map, after clicking the feature, the 'More Info' link is visible next to the attachment field; the users can access PDFs saved in Dropbox via the link.

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