Problem: Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS extensions are missing or do not load in the view


When working with extensions in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, a blank extension may be returned, or the extension loads with an ellipsis.


There are several causes associated with this issue.

• There is an issue with SSL/non-SSL connections. This creates a mixed content issue and most web browsers block the content.

• There is a CORS issue. This happens when an extension is running in the browser version of Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. This extension runs under the ArcGIS Online Organizations domain, which is different from the domain of the web server hosting the extensions.

• The server used only supports HTTP (not HTTPS). In the case of a map tool, its icon cannot be viewed.

The server administrator can troubleshoot this issue by enabling both protocols on the server.

• There is an issue with the video card on the machine. See Knowledge Base article 45466 for more information.

• The link used to register the extension is incorrect. See Register the extension for more information.

• The hosting server may be down.

If the organization or user shares views, Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS generates the shared links to the views using the protocol provided. For best practice, it is recommended to use the same protocol when accessing ArcGIS organizations.

For instance, if provided a HTTPS when logging in, connect to all services and extensions in the same manner using HTTPS.

Solution or Workaround

In general, it is recommended to use the HTTPS protocol. For more information, see the help for setting up a web server.

Most ArcGIS organizations in production environments enforce web communications through Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The browser version of Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS does not allow mixed active content that is caused by loading HTTP under an HTTPS connection.

In addition, the server hosting the extension must have a valid SSL certificate issued by a certificate authority to establish the HTTPS connection. One way to troubleshoot this through the web is looking at the console (F12 on most browsers).

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