Problem: XY points from a CSV file display incorrectly in ArcMap


The XY points from the CSV file fail to display correctly in ArcMap.


In some cases, the XY points display in the wrong location if a projected coordinate system is used instead of a geographic coordinate system. The XY points are in decimal degrees, but the projected coordinate system attempts to display the points as units of feet instead of as decimal degrees.

Solution or Workaround

Display the XY points in the geographic coordinate system. To do this, follow the steps below.

1. In the Table Of Contents, right-click the CSV file, and select Display XY Data.
The Display XY Data dialog box appears.
2. Click the Edit button in the Display XY Data dialog.

3. Select the desired geographic coordinate system.

4. Click OK. The XY points in the CSV file are now assigned with a coordinate.

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