Problem: Editing vertices of a polygon rotates the entire feature


When moving vertices for a polygon feature in ArcMap during an edit session, the feature rotates and changes size.


This issue occurs because the Stretch Proportionately option is enabled. This option gets automatically enabled when any spatial adjustments are performed on the data.

Solution or Workaround

There are two possible solutions to this issue:

Solution 1

Disable the Stretch Proportionately option by clicking the button to deselect the option via the Edit Vertices toolbar.

Solution 2

Disable the option from the Editor Toolbar using the following steps:

1. In the Editor toolbar, click the Editor menu, and click Options. This opens the Editing Options window.
2. Select the General tab and uncheck the 'Stretch geometry proportionately when moving a vertex' check box.

3. Click OK. The Stretch Proportionately option is disabled.

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