Problem: Unable to load data from shapefile to another feature class in a file geodatabase


Attempting to load data from a shapefile to a feature class in a file geodatabase fails, and errors are returned.


This issue occurs if matching fields in the shapefile contain different data types. For example, the matching field is Area. In the target field, the data type is INTEGER, while the data type in the source field is FLOAT.

Solution or Workaround

Option A

If there is no data in the shapefile's attributes fields, remove the empty fields.

Option B

1. Add another field to the target field to match the source field. To add another field, follow the instructions in the article, HowTo: Calculate field values from an existing field to a new field in ArcMap.

2. Delete the old target field.

3. Run the Simple Data Loader wizard in ArcCatalog to add items. For more information, refer to the following documentation, ArcGIS Help: Loading data in the Catalog tree.

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