FAQ: Is it possible to add a reference grid in ArcGIS Pro?


Is it possible to add a reference grid in ArcGIS Pro?


No, it is not possible to add a reference grid in ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS Pro does not have the ability to add reference grids to the layout view to show lines of latitude and longitude or eastings and northings.

Grids and graticules are not included in the current release of ArcGIS Pro. The functionality of adding reference grids to the layout view is planned to be implemented in a future release of ArcGIS Pro. For more information about ArcGIS Pro known limitations and release notes, refer to the following help page: ArcGIS Pro Release notes.

Nevertheless, there are other alternatives. It is possible to create a grid in ArcMap and convert it to graphics. Refer to the following ArcGIS help topic, Adding a reference grid for more details. Users may also use the Make Grids and Graticules Layer geoprocessing tool in ArcMap to create a grid of features and then include this in a map (.mxd). Once a new ArcGIS Pro project is created, the .mxd can be imported as a map within the project.

The Make Grids And Graticules Layer (Cartography) tool is available for Standard or Advanced license levels only.

It is not possible to export projects in ArcGIS Pro to .mxd, .sxd, or .3dd documents. This is because ArcGIS Pro contains functionality that would be lost when converting to these formats. Projects can only be saved for use in ArcGIS Pro, but users can share web-based content that can be used in the other ArcGIS for Desktop applications.

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