FAQ: What are the benefits of PMF files?


What are the benefits of PMF files?


Maps produced in ArcMap are formatted in MXD files. MXD files or 3DD files from ArcGlobe documents are converted into PMF files via ArcPublisher to be compatible with ArcReader.

The following are benefits of PMF files:

• Map details and attributes are not altered during the conversion from MXD to PMF.
• Via ArcReader, PMF files can be published and printed to suit any preferences. Either the entire layout or a zoomed-in section of the map can be printed.
• PMF maps are interactive; the maps allow users to zoom in and out, pan the map, and focus and measure map features.
• PMF maps have the ‘Find and Identify’ tool and allows spatial bookmark viewing.

ArcGIS Pro is unable to create .pmf files as there is no Publisher extension in the application. Currently, only ArcGIS for Desktop with the Publisher extension may create .pmf files.

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