FAQ: Why is the Perform Analysis option missing in ArcGIS Online?


Why is the Perform Analysis option missing in ArcGIS Online?


There are several possible reasons users are unable to see the Perform Analysis option in ArcGIS Online.

Users are logged in to a public account instead of an organizational account.
It is required for users to have an ArcGIS Online for Organizations account to use the analysis tools.

Users do not have the required privileges to access the Perform Analysis tools.
To perform analysis, the administrator of the organization must grant the user the following privileges:

• Create, update, and delete content
• Publish hosted features
• Spatial Analysis

Members of the Publisher or Administrator organization roles have these privileges by default. Certain tools need additional privileges, such as Network Analysis and GeoEnrichment privileges. Refer to Esri Help documentation for more details.

The URL to the feature service is not a public URL.
Analysis tools cannot be performed on map services that are internally facing; the feature service must be externally accessible. The URL to the service must be a public URL, and not only accessible behind a firewall. If a non-public map or feature service is used, an error message that the URL is not accessible is returned. Check out the help documentation for this information.

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