How To: Export textured models from CityEngine into Blender


CityEngine models can be exported to Wavefront OBJ files along with any associated textures and opened in the 3D modeling software, Blender. However, issues drawing models in Blender may arise if export settings are not set correctly.


  1. In CityEngine, select all of the models to be exported.
    Left-clicking and dragging from bottom-right to top-left allows users to select every part of every model that is partially included in the select box. Left-clicking and dragging from top-left to bottom-right only selects the part of the models that are fully in the select box.

  2. Go to File > Export Models.
  3. Select the WaveFront OBJ option.
  4. Enter the following settings into the Export model wizard, and export the model.

    • Export Geometry: Models with Shape Fallback

    • Vertex Normals: Write vertex normals
    • Texture Coordinates: Only write first layer of UVs
    • In the Global Offset section, click the Center button.

    • Include Materials: Checked
    • Collect Textures: Checked
  5. In Blender, go to File > Import > Wavefront OBJ, and navigate to the model location.
  6. Turn on the textures by changing the Viewport Shading to 'Texture' or 'Material'.

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