FAQ: Can I match symbols to a style in ArcGIS Pro?


Can I match symbols to a style in ArcGIS Pro?


No, the 'Match to symbols in a style' function is currently unavailable in ArcGIS Pro. The symbols must be changed manually for all features.

However, as a workaround, this functionality can be achieved using a layer file created in ArcMap. Follow the steps below:

  1. In ArcMap, create and save a layer file.
    1. Assign the symbology to the layer by matching the desired style files as described in the following link: Learn to Match Symbols to a Style in ArcMap.
    2. Right-click the layer name in the Table Of Contents, and click Save As Layer File.
    3. Type the name of the new layer file.
    4. Save the new layer file (.lyr) in the desired location.
  2. Add the layer file created from Step 1 to ArcGIS Pro.
    1. Open ArcGIS Pro, and create a new map.
    2. Add the layer file saved in Step 1 to the map. The layer is symbolized as it is in ArcMap. 

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