How To: Convert z-units in a mosaic dataset from feet to meters or vice versa


The following instructions describe how to convert z-units in a mosaic dataset from feet to meters or from meters to feet.

The conversion factors in this article are created for the international foot (ft), which is the standard measurement used in the United States.


  1. In the Catalog window, right-click the mosaic dataset > Properties.
  2. Click the Functions tab, and right-click Mosaic Function > Insert > Arithmetic Function.
  3. Input the mosaic dataset in 'Input Raster 1'.
  4. Click the Operation drop-down button, and select Multiply.
  5. Under the 'Generate raster from constant' section, input one of the following:
    • To convert z-units from feet to meters, input a constant value of 0.3048.

    • To convert z-units from meters to feet, input a constant value of 3.28084.
  6. To close the Raster Function Properties window, click OK.
  7. To close the Mosaic Dataset Properties window, click OK.
    The conversion factors for meters to U.S. survey feet (ftUS) is 3.2808333, and from ftUS to meters is 0.3048006096. For more information on distance units, refer to the following documentation, ArcGIS Help: About distance units and editing.

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