Problem: Representation generated from symbology is not maintained if version is changed in ArcMap


Different feature class representations are assigned with different representation rules, and since assigning a different rule to a feature is an attribute change, changes are only reflected in the current version. Since the edits are only available in the current version, the representation generated from the symbology is not maintained if the version is changed.
ObjectID #0 Default version feature
ObjectID #1 Version state
ObjectID #2 Child version
ObjectID #4 Parent and child version


When the standard symbology of a feature layer is converted to a feature class representation, the symbol categories are automatically translated to representation rules. Instructions required for ArcMap to symbolize the features of a feature class representation are contained in the representation rules. Every feature is assigned with representation rules through the RuleID field, which holds integer values corresponding to every representation rule in the feature class representation.

When a representation is created, two fields are added to a feature class, namely the RuleID field, and the Override field. The RuleID field is an integer field which stores a reference to the representation rule to every feature, while the Override field is a binary large object (BLOB) field, which stores feature-specific overrides to the representation rules.

In the aforementioned scenario of a feature class representation, the RuleID field is populated in the current version only, although the feature class representation is reflected in all other versions. For other versions, the Rule ID values are NULL, which results in default values being used.

Since the Rule ID values are not inherited in other versions, instructions to draw the symbols in ArcMap are not uniform among versions. This causes the representation symbology changes to not be maintained.

Solution or Workaround

To resolve any conflicts, reconcile the version once all changes to the feature class representation are complete. Post the modifications to the DEFAULT version to integrate the changes into the published database. For more information, refer to the following documentation, ArcGIS Help: Working with representations in a versioned environment.

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    Last Published: 5/5/2016

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