Problem: Default selections are unsupported after upgrading Esri Maps for SAP BusinessObjects


Dashboards created using Esri Maps 1.0 for SAP BusinessObjects do not display default selections on the map when the add-on is upgraded to version 2.0.


The implementation of default selections improved in Esri Maps 2.0 for SAP BusinessObjects. As a result, after upgrading the Esri Maps for SAP BusinessObjects add-on from version 1.0 to 2.0, dashboards created at 1.0 no longer display configured default selections on the map in consumer mode.

Solution or Workaround

Dashboard designers must follow the solution provided below.

  1. In SAP Dashboards with the Esri Maps 2.0 add-on deployed, open the dashboard.
  2. From the SAP Dashboards menu, click File > Save to Platform > Desktop Only to save the dashboard to the Business Intelligence (BI) Platform.

    Alternatively, click File > Export > HTML to publish the dashboard in HTML format.
  3. Open the updated dashboard in BI Launch Pad or in the web browser.
  4. If required, log in to ArcGIS using valid credentials.

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