Problem: SAP Dashboards Send to Back command not supported in Esri Maps for SAP BusinessObjects


When designing a dashboard enabled with an Esri Map component, the SAP Dashboard commands for changing the stacking order of components cannot be used with the map; the Esri Map component must always be on the top of the stacking order.


The Esri Maps for SAP BusinessObjects add-on is an HTML5 web application that must sit at the top level of the dashboard’s canvas. The Esri Map overlay HTML covers the entire area of the screen where the dashboard designer has placed the Esri Map component. Regardless of whether the Esri Map component is moved to the back or the front of the canvas, the Esri Map overlay HTML covers all other overlapping components.

Solution or Workaround

Follow the solutions provided below.

  • Place the Esri Maps component inside a standard SAP Dashboards container element, such as a Tab Set, or use dynamic visibility to hide the Esri Maps component.
  • Do not use the following stacking order commands in relation to the Esri Map component.
    - Bring to Front
    - Send to Back
    - Bring Forward
    - Send Back

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