Problem: Percentage value is not reflected in ArcGIS Online charts and pop-up windows


To make attribute information easier to read and work with in ArcMap, values can be formatted through the Properties of the field in the attribute table. After publishing a dataset as a service, the numeric formatting applied to a field is not seen in ArcGIS Online tables, charts, and pop-up windows.

For example, if a field is formatted in ArcMap to show as a percentage with a value such as 86, it must be displayed as 86%.
After publishing the dataset as a service, the value 86.00 is shown instead.


This is expected behavior. Changing the numeric format of a value in the attribute table does not change the underlying data. The formatting information is only saved in the layer or map currently being edited. Therefore, when the source data is published as a service, the numeric formatting in the attribute table is not carried over.

Solution or Workaround

Part 1

Use the Field Calculator to reformat the values as needed without the percentage sign. For example, field values are a percentage expressed as a decimal, such as 0.86. Multiply the values in this field by 100 to express the percentages as a whole number.

1. Open ArcMap.

2. Right-click the related layer in the Table Of Contents > Open Attribute Table.
3. Select the related field, and right-click to reveal the drop-down arrow. Select Field Calculator.
4. If a warning on calculating outside of an edit session is displayed, click Yes.
5. Multiply the value by 100, as illustrated in the example.
6. Click OK.

Part 2

1. Open the web map with the ArcGIS Online map viewer.

2. Navigate to Details > Content.

3. Go to the sublayer with pop-up elements, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the layer, and select 'Configure Pop-up'.
4. In the 'Configure Pop-up' dialog box, under Pop-up Contents, click the Display drop-down menu, and select 'A custom attribute display' to configure the pop-up windows to show the percentage sign.
5. Click the Configure button.
6. A Custom Attribute Display dialog opens. Fill the dialog with the following parameters to set a percentage field for the pop-up windows.

Click the drop-down list button
to display the desired field.

7. Click OK.

For more information on how to set the decimal places for the percentage field, refer to the following article, HowTo: Change the number of decimal places displayed in a number field in an ArcGIS Online web map.

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