Error: Cannot connect to ArcGIS Online from Esri Maps for Salesforce

Error Message

The installation process for Esri Maps for Salesforce inserts the site https://www.arcgis.com to the Remote Sites list, which allows Salesforce to connect to ArcGIS Online. In some cases, this connection fails with the following error.

Unable to connect:

"Please check Setup->Security->Remote site settings, and make sure it is accessible by SalesForce."


Salesforce is able to connect to any URLs listed in Remote Site Settings, including ones for ArcGIS, https://www.arcgis.com, or any URL that ends with 'arcgis.com'. The application sometimes fails to make a connection due to updates or other factors.

Solution or Workaround

Use the Customer Organization URL address instead of the generic URL address, https://www.arcgis.com, to connect to ArcGIS Online. Follow the steps below to acquire the organization address, and use it to connect from Esri Maps for Salesforce.

First, acquire the URL to the ArcGIS Online Organization.

1. Open a web browser and go to https://www.arcgis.com.
2. Sign in with a valid ArcGIS Online account. The browser routes to the ArcGIS Online Organization page, https://*--organization-name--*.maps.arcgis.com.

Add the ArcGIS Online Organization URL address to the Salesforce Remote Site list.

3. From the Salesforce dashboard, click Setup.
4. Navigate to Security Controls > Remote Site Settings.
5. Add the URL of the ArcGIS Online organization to the Remote Site Settings list. Make sure to use HTTPS.
6. When making a connection with Salesforce to Esri Maps, ensure the same organization URL is used.

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