Problem: Geolocation result obtained from a GeoForm web application differs from Collector for ArcGIS


GeoForm is a configurable template that allows users to enter data through a form instead of a map's pop-up window. In some instances, the geolocation result obtained from the GeoForm web application differs from that of Collector for ArcGIS.


The Collector for ArcGIS application uses the GPS on the mobile device, which allows the application to retrieve location information from satellites. However, the Locate Me button in the GeoForm web mapping application derives location information from the browser. Therefore, the results may vary based on multiple factors, such as the connection type, Internet service provider (ISP), physical location, network, and browser.

Solution or Workaround

Option A

Improve the accuracy of the results by configuring the machine as an access point location for the Google Location Service. To do this, refer to the following Google Maps Help article: Configure access points with Google Location Service.

Option B

Customize the GeoForm web mapping application by downloading the source code, writing changes, and hosting the app on a server. Download the source code from the Esri GitHub page: GeoForm template.

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