How To: Workflow Manager post-installation configuration options


Several sample elements are provided while using the Workflow Manager post-installation software. These elements assist new and experienced users alike by providing differing levels of sample elements to be used as templates for the creation of elements in the future. This article serves to inform users of the different options available.

Four different configurations are available for import during the Workflow Manager Repository creation process. The four configurations are:

- No Configuration Import
- Minimum Configuration
- Quick Configuration
- Custom Configuration

No Configuration Import
This option does not import any configuration and provides no default sample elements aside from the PostInstall User.
Minimum Configuration
This option includes the PostInstall User. Additionally, the Minimum Configuration option provides the following sample elements:

Job Components
- Hold Types
- Priorities
- Status Types

- Activity Types
- Job Notifications

- Privileges

Quick Configuration
This option provides all sample elements included in the Minimum Configuration option. Additionally, the Quick Configuration option provides the following sample elements:

Job Components
- Job Types
- Step Types
- Workflows

- Public Queries

- Groups
- Users
• Andy Miller
• Charlotte Jones
• Jason Robinson

Custom Configuration
This option is used to import a configuration which has previously been exported from another Workflow Manager environment.


  1. Within the ArcGIS Workflow Manager Post-Installation wizard, follow the instructions and proceed to the Import Configuration Options screen.
  2. Select the radio button that corresponds to the desired configuration option.
  3. Click ‘Next >’.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

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