Bug: ArcGlobe crashes when extruding a feature class with many features


If a large shapefile or feature class with 70,000 or more polygon features is added to ArcGlobe 10.3, and the user zooms to the layer (within the layer properties > Globe extrusion) to extrude the features using the field containing the height values, ArcGlobe may crash if the features are extruded or if the view is zoomed, panned, or rotated.


This is a known issue at ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.2 and 10.3. For updates on the bug status, please refer to defect BUG-000083816.


  • Use a smaller subset of the feature class for extrusion within ArcGlobe.
  • Use ArcScene instead of ArcGlobe if the entire feature class must be used.
  • Use ArcGIS Pro instead of ArcGlobe.