Problem: Unable to access publicly shared ArcGIS Online web maps


Members of an organizational account are unable to properly view or access web maps shared to the public when logging in to ArcGIS Online.


The security settings of an organizational account do not allow content to be shared outside of the organization. Anonymous users are not able to access any resources with the organization's private URL if the option to allow anonymous access to the organization is disabled, or if the content is not shared with everyone.

Solution or Workaround

Change the security settings.

Users must have the Administrator role to change the settings.

To resolve this issue, ensure the following security settings are met.

  • Enable the 'Allow anonymous access to your organization' option.

    This option only allows users to view publicly shared maps, applications, and data.

    1. Navigate to My Organization > Edit Settings > Security.
    2. Check the 'Allow anonymous access to your organization' check box.
    3. Save the settings.

  • Share the item with the public.

    1. Navigate to My Content.
    2. Check the check box next to the web map title.
    3. Click Share.
    4. On the pop-up menu that appears, check 'Everyone (public)'.
    5. Save the settings.

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