Bug: Unable to run ArcGIS Data Store command utilities on servers with a non-English locale


The following error is returned when running ArcGIS Data Store command utilities on a Windows server with non-English locale:

"Current user does not have permission to perform this task. Please retry as the data store owner or Windows Administrator. If you are already member of Windows Administrators group, please try "Run as Administrator"."

This error occurs even when command window is run as administrator and logged in to the server as a Windows administrator.


This is a known issue that will be corrected in a future release of ArcGIS Data Store.

ArcGIS Data Store command utilities can only be run by accounts that are members of the Windows group 'Administrators'. This folder has a different name in most other locales. Since ArcGIS Data Store fails to find the Administrators group, the command utilities cannot be run.


Create a group named 'Administrators' on the ArcGIS Data Store server, and add the login that will run the command utilities to this group.