Problem: Multipatches and extruded polygons do not display as expected in ArcGIS Pro


When multipatches or extruded polygons are added to a local or global scene in ArcGIS Pro, the polygons are missing or sections of the polygons do not display as expected.



3D data in ArcGIS Pro uses elevation surfaces to determine the height of layers in the scene. By default, a ground surface called 'ground' is added to every new scene. Both local and global scenes use elevation surfaces, and when layers are added to a scene, the layers may be displayed underneath the elevation surface. This may happen if the layer's elevation is set to an absolute height based on the feature's z-values. To see the data, display structures on top of the ground by using the ground elevation as the layer's base elevation.

Solution or Workaround

Change the layer's properties to display features on the ground.

  1. In the Table of Contents, right-click the layer.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Select Elevation.
  4. In the 'Features are:' drop-down box, select 'On the ground'.


  5. Click Ok. The features display as expected.


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