Bug: Enabling sharing with ArcGIS Online fails in Server Manager when ArcGIS for Server uses a forward proxy to connect outside the network


A forward proxy server is a computer on a LAN that allows connections outside the network without compromising the security of the internal network. Use of a forward proxy server is very common in perimeter networks (also known as demilitarized zones [DMZ] or screened subnets) to protect the identity of internal machines.

Using a forward proxy in perimeter networks is fully supported in ArcGIS Server. For example, the PrintingTools service or a custom geoprocessing service can obtain access to external web services through the forward proxy server. However, when enabling sharing to ArcGIS Online in ArcGIS Server Manager (in the Services > Sharing tab), the dialog hangs when clicking Sign In to connect.


ArcGIS Server Manager does not support sharing outside the network through a forward proxy. If attempting to do this, the Sign In dialog hangs and eventually fails.


This issue will be addressed in a future release of ArcGIS for Server.