Error: The Cut Polygons task could not be completed

Error Message

The following error occurs when using the Cut Polygons tool to start the editing process.

"The Cut Polygons task could not be completed."

Variation of the error message may include the following text after the error message:

• General function failure. Invalid argument.
• The table was not found.
• Insufficient permissions.


There are several causes related with the issue:

• The user does not have permissions to edit the feature in a file geodatabase.
• The user's data have reached a 2 GB size limit in a personal geodatabase.
• The user does not double-click the right point when completing the cut polygon action.

Solution or Workaround

There are several possible solutions, depending on the causes listed above.

Permissions to edit the feature in a file geodatabase

To grant permissions to edit the dataset in a file geodatabase, click the following link: Granting and revoking privileges on the datasets.

Data exceeds 2 GB

If the user's data exceeds 2 GB:

– Use multiple personal geodatabases and keep the size below 2 GB.
– Move all the features over into a file geodatabase as it has no size limit.

It is recommended to convert the data to a file geodatabase because it can improve performance and increase functionality.

Click the right point

When using the Cut Polygons tool, ensure to double-click the same vertex to finish the line sketch (Step 5 in the document Using the Cut Polygons tool.)

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