Error: Failed to paste < feature class > The spatial references do not match

Error Message

Pasting a feature class from a geodatabase into a feature dataset returns the following message:

"Failed to paste <feature class> The spatial references do not match"
[O-Image] Failed to paste The spatial references do not match


This issue occurs when different extents, resolutions, and tolerance values exist between the origin and destination feature classes.

Solution or Workaround

The latter portion of the error message, "spatial references do not match", applies to X and Y coordinates, the XY Tolerance, the XY Resolution, as well as Z or M resolutions. To ensure the data has the same properties in all these areas, use the following procedure:

  1. Load the data into the same feature dataset in the geodatabase.
  2. Create a new feature dataset with a coordinate system imported from the origin feature class.
  3. To import or copy the feature class to the newly created feature dataset, use the Feature Class To Feature Class or Feature Class To Geodatabase geoprocessing tools.

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