Problem: Unable to access Twitter in the Chrome-Twitter and Public Information web application templates


Users are unable to utilize the Twitter functionality in ArcGIS Online web application templates, which serves as a social media platform for users to share web maps and display geolocated tweets. In some cases, the Twitter icon is disabled or missing and in other cases, users are unable to log into Twitter.

ArcGIS Online web application templates with Twitter functionality are the Chrome-Twitter and Public Information templates.

The Social Media web application template has been retired.


There are several possible reasons for this issue:

  • Cookies are not enabled in Internet Explorer, thus hindering the web application templates from storing Twitter OAuth application keys.
  • Secured web map services are used.
  • A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is enabled for the organization.
  • The option to share content outside the organization is disabled in the security settings of the organization.
  • A firewall or proxy server setting is preventing connection.

Solution or Workaround

Below are several options to resolve this issue:

  • Configure the browser to allow cookies from arcgis.com, esri.com, or related Esri sites. The following How-to Block or Allow Cookies article describes the steps to allow cookies from specific sites.
  • If using secured web maps, set the referrer URLs or IP addresses in ArcGIS Online. For more information, refer to ArcGIS Help topic: ArcGIS Server web services.
  • Disable SSL for the organization. For steps to disable SSL for an organization, click the following link: ArcGIS Help Document topic: Configure security settings.
  • Enable sharing of content outside the organization option by navigating to My Organization > Edit Settings > Security > Sharing and Searching, and check the checkbox next to the 'Members can share content outside the organization' option.
  • Configure the firewall or the proxy server settings to allow an ArcGIS Online connection with Twitter; add arcgis.com, arcgisonline.com, esri.com, or related Esri domains to the firewall whitelist.

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