Problem: Geoprocessing tools display blank window


A geoprocessing tool launched in ArcMap or ArcCatalog may display as a blank window or return an error with an ActiveX or scripting message populated through the web browser.
[O-Image] ActiveX controls web browser error
The geoprocessing tool may look like this:
[O-Image] Geoprocessing tools Buffer blank


The Local Intranet security settings in Internet Options have been customized to disable running Active X Controls and plug-ins or Active Scripting.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Launch the Internet Options from the Control Panel.
    [O-Image] Internet Options
  2. Navigate to the Security tab and select Local Intranet to change security settings.
  3. Under 'Security level for this zone', click the 'Custom level' button.
    [O-Image] Local intranet custom level
  4. Change the security settings for 'Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins' to Enable.
    [O-Image] ActiveX controls and plugins enable
  5. Under Scripting, change the Settings for Active Scripting to Enable.
    [O-Image] Active scripting enable
    Alternatively, the Internet Security Options can be reset to Default to resolve this issue.