How To: Optimize downloading ISO files


This article identifies some of the best practices that can be used when downloading large ISO files.


There are several things that can be done to ensure success when downloading large ISOs from My Esri

  • Identify and resolve any existing corporate download restrictions such as firewall or proxy limitations.
  • Identify and resolve any existing corporate throughput limitations, using a program like Wireshark.
  • Restart the machine before beginning the transmission to ensure there are no programs using excess RAM.
  • Verify that the receiving machine has been configured to stay in 'ON' mode for the duration of the transmission(s).
  • Minimize other processes while files are transmitting.
  • Verify that the endpoint has the storage space necessary to accommodate the full download(s).
  • If necessary, download the ISO files one-by-one and verify that each was successful using a program like Virtual CloneDrive.
  • Verify that profile conducting the download has write access to the output folder.
  • Do not use 7-Zip to mount the files; it cannot handle the size limitation. Instead use something like Virtual CloneDrive.
  • Once the download(s) have completed, and before beginning the installation process, use a file checksum program such as Microsoft's free File Checksum Integrity Verifier.

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