FAQ: Is there a feature limit in ArcGIS Online?


Is there a feature limit in ArcGIS Online?


No a there is not a feature limit for Hosted Feature Layers. However, a limit is applied when adding features directly to the web map in ArcGIS Online. By default, there is a limit of 1,000 features when uploading a file (shapefile or CSV file) to a web map on ArcGIS Online. The 1,000 feature limit is a general limit enforced by ArcGIS Online to efficiently manage uploaded features. However, it is not a hard limit; therefore if the file being uploaded has more than 1,000 features, an error occurs or it causes performance issues.

The features in the file are stored in the web map when the file is added to the web map. Therefore, adding a large amount of data to a web map causes the map to have a large file size. When the map is downloaded by a web browser, especially on a mobile device, it may take a significant amount of time. Performance of the web map varies depending on the browser used to view the map, so keeping the number of features to a minimum provides the best results.

To upload a file beyond the feature limit set by ArcGIS Online, use feature services. Feature services are a more scalable way to publish features as it supports vector feature querying, visualization, and editing.

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