Problem: Unable to remove a shared add-in from the Add-In Manager in ArcMap


In some instances, a shared add-in that is listed on the Add-Ins tab in the Add-In Manager dialog box cannot be removed. The 'Delete this Add-In' button is disabled.


This issue occurs if the shared add-in is located in a well-known folder, which can be a network share. Users are not allowed to delete shared add-ins directly from the Add-In Manager dialog box.

Solution or Workaround

Remove the shared add-in by deleting the file from the well-known folder.

  1. Navigate to the well-known folder, for example:
\\network drive\Shared Add-Ins\
  1. Right-click the shared add-in file within this folder and select the Delete command.
  2. Close the Add-in Manager dialog box.
  3. Reopen the Add-In Manager dialog box and ensure the add-in is deleted.

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