Bug: Unable to access ArcGIS 10.2 site after changing AD password and rebooting Windows server


The Server Manager login page hangs at the progress bar and the services directory fails to open with Error 500.


The password of the Active Directory account used to configure ArcGIS Security is changed and the server is restarted.


Ensure the Primary Site Administrator (PSA) account is enabled: Disabling the primary site administrator account.

  1. Go to the Admin endpoint and log in using the PSA account:


  2. Navigate to Security > Config > updateIdentityStore.
  3. Paste the following JSON string in both boxes to reset the ArcGIS Server to the default built-in security settings:

    "type": "BUILTIN",
    "properties": {}

  4. Click Update. The Manager page and REST endpoint should now load.
  5. Log in to the Manager with the PSA account and adjust the security settings as desired.

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